Close Knit Washcloths

There are few things more important than having well-made washcloths. The Close Knit Washcloths have a ridged side and scalloped side for the closest clean you’ll ever get with a knitted washcloth. This free knit washcloth pattern uses the close stitch to achieve that scrubby texture all the best washcloths have. Each knit washcloth takes one skein of yarn maximum to make, so not only are they perfect  for cleaning, but they’re easy on your wallet too! A good idea is to use cotton yarn with thes

Hay varios modelos que puede aplicar para tejer, pero el tejido “plano” real es solo uno de ellos. Por ejemplo, puede tejer en forma de un revés o un plano invertido. Ahora que tiene que comenzar en alguna parte, comencemos con un punto plano.

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